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Ecological interests of roadside verges in intensive agragrian landscapes

French National Muséum of Natural History
décembre 2008PhD thesis.

Auteurs : Louis de REDON, Christian Kerbiriou, Isabelle Le Viol, Romain JULLIARD, Frédéric Jiguet, Nathalie Machon, Nathalie Carnino, Agnès Ricroch, Jane Lecomte,
Jeffrey Joy

Roads are essential components of our landscapes and they have important negative effects on biodiversity. However studies have shown that their verges may provide a positive effect for biodiversity in agrarian landscape where management intensification of the last sixty years leaded to the high rarefaction of biodiversity. We studied the possible functions of “habitat” and “corridor” of roadside verges for small mammals and plant communities in this agrarian context. First we rediscovered numbers of negative road effects as biotic homogenization of adjacent habitats, pollution of environment and barrier effects for some mammal species. We then showed that “refuge” and “corridor” effects associated to verges were a reality in agrarian landscapes. We also showed that number of anthropogenic parameters could impact those effects: roadside management (cutting), verge widths and hedgerows. We found that biodiversity of roadsides was able to maintain some local ecosystem services. Ecological interests of roadsides have been demonstrated with evidences that management policies could protect biodiversity of such marginal areas representing more than 2% of the landcover(...)

Article under copyright. Available only on the editor website


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